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 Committed to reconnecting our clients' with home, family, and community by providing the ultimate hearing and service experience.

Have your hearing checked once a year. It is just good healthcare.

"We are the hearing and tinnitus experts. Why go anywhere else?"


Farmer's Market

At Peninsula Hearing we are on a mission. We want to provide 1000 people in our community with a free hearing screening. Come visit us at the market

Sept 3.

Help us fill our thermometer! We have screened 291 people so far!



Reports From Dr. Nightingale:
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Good Health and Long Life include Hearing Well
New Technology: A Personal Story
Update on Tinnitus (2013)
An Interview with Dr. Nightingale
Do hearing aids work?


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to get your hearing aids up and running with our troubleshooting videos!


When you walk in our doors, you can expect … 

   We provide you with the right hearing aid for your specific hearing loss. And because Peninsula Hearing is not a franchise - offering products from only one or two manufacturers - we can select the right instrument for you from a comprehensive choice of quality hearing aids to ensure your complete satisfaction.
   We will help you hear better again … guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with your new hearing instruments and not hearing significantly better than before your fitting, your money will be refunded.
   Peninsula Hearing tests your hearing improvements and provides the needed follow-up exams to make your fitting an ongoing success!! 



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Poulsbo, WA 98370
(360) 697-3061

1136 Water St. Ste 103
Port Townsend, WA 98368
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